The Mini Club of South Australia is involved in many different types of motor sport:

Motorkhanas are a low cost form of motorsport, a typical motorkhana will cost around $30 to enter and anyone from the age of 12 can enter! The event involves manoeuvring a car through tight tests as quickly as possible, one car at a time. The tests are performed on either dirt or sealed (Concrete or bitumen) surfaces.

Each test takes from 15 to 60 seconds to complete. Hitting flags or going the wrong way incur time penalties which are added to the total time. A day’s competition usually includes 8 to 12 runs where vehicle speeds rarely exceeds 60 km/h but the tightness of the tests ensures the driver is kept very very busy.

Most competitors use normal road cars to compete in, there are no special requirements for vehicles to compete (Vehicles do not require fire extinguishers or roll cages. As per a road going vehicle all competing vehicles must have good brakes, seatbelt, secure battery..)

Most of the motorkhana’s are held at the Big-W Distribution centre in Monarto. To get there turn off of the freeway for monarto, and the distribution Centre is on the right, about 1km down. Spectators are more than welcome!


A Khanacross is a higher speed event than a motorkhana, it involves car control but around a permanent circuit with a slalom of cones to keep the speed down along the straights. Still against a stopwatch, there is only one car on the track at a time. Street cars can compete at these events, but there are often rally and specially built vehicles competing as well. The cost for a day racing is about $40. You will need a helmet and a CAMS compliant fire extinguisher in you vehicle.

Most Khana Cross events are held at ‘Lanac Park’, which is at the top of Willunga Hill, (Below from Southern Districs Car Club Wesbite: SDCC.ASN.AU):
Follow either South Road, or make use of the Southern Expressway, and take the Victor Harbor turnoff. Follow the Victor Harbor road up Willunga Hill.
Shortly after cresting Willunga Hill, take the Myponga turnoff to the right onto the Willunga to Myponga road. There is a large road sign on the approach to the turnoff.
Approximately 2km down the road turn left onto Munetta Road. This is the first road to the left. Follow Munetta Rd for approximately 2.75km. The circuit is on the left hand side of Munetta Rd.

Lanac Park is a dirt circuit with 6 turns over a distance of 800 metres and is used in both directions for Khanacrosses and Autocrosses.

Running in a clockwise direction, the start line is directly in front of the timing shed. You head up the hill on the front straight, through a right hand kink, then into the Bowl, a large, 230 degree corner with heaps of banking before a sharp drop into the Esses, a 180 degree left hander then into a 90 degree right hander, then exit the Esses and onto the back straight. There is a slight crest as the track kinks left, shortly before the braking point for the hairpin. Through the right hand hairpin and back onto the main straight and past the timing shed.

Canteen facilities available, along with permanent toilet facilities.

PLEASE NOTE: Lanac Park is on private property. No dogs or alcohol are to be brought onto the property.

Racing at high speeds in controlled conditions on a closed circuit that it consists of several laps.
You will need a helmet and a CAMS compliant fire extinguisher in you vehicle.

A timed race up a hill on a closed road or purpose build section of road.
Hillclimb events are the very essence of motorsport. The drivers compete purely for the love of driving. The rivalry is friendly, and drivers will often trade tips or lend a hand to help one another out.

Many of our members are invilved in rally, not necessarily rallying their Mini’s..