Historic Registration

One of the benefits of membership with the Mini Club of SA is Historic Registration. We offer historic registration to our members for Mini’s and derivatives (Mokes, Jems, etc) and Morris 1100’s only.

Historic Vehicles in South Australia operate under a system of Conditional Registration. Incorporated in Section 25 of the Motor Vehicles Act as amended in 1991, the scheme came into operation in February 1992 and allows prescribed vehicles more than thirty years old to be operated with reduced registration fees for a period not to exceed ninety

days in one registration year. To qualify a vehicle must be more than thirty years old and substantially as designed, and the owner must be, and remain, a financial member of a recognised club. From July 1 2012 only vehicles built before 1979 may be admitted to the scheme

The amended regulations and new Code of Practice call for owners to provide annual Statutory Declarations affirming that the vehi

cle/s continue to comply with the regulations and associated code of practice. To assist members the Federation have provide a Statutory Declaration Form which we believe will meet our needs. Download a copy here in PDF format.

Conditional registration scheme conditions

The following conditions apply to vehicles registered under the conditional registration scheme for historic and left-hand drive vehicles.

— A vehicle registered as a historic or prescribed left-hand drive may not be driven for hire, fare or reward.

— The owner of the vehicle must be a financial member of a recognised historic vehicle club.

— Before the start of each journey, details of the journey must be recorded in a log book.

An historic vehicle is a vehicle where 30 years or more have lapsed since 1 January of the year in which the vehicle was manufactured, has not been modified from its original design to any significant extent.

How to get historic registration.

Here is a flow chart on how to get and maintain your Historic Registration with the Mini Club of SA. If you choose to take it up, this chart will answer lots of questions! Please click on it and follow your journey!

Here is the a step by step instructions. This document can be used with the flow chart and make the whole thing easier for all concerned

Historic rego flow chart

Here is a link with the step by step instructions. Please feel free to download and use in conjunction with the flow chart. All questions will be answered!

Historic Registration with the Mini Club of SA

Please note the inspectors are volunteers, if you wish to have your vehicle inspected, the onus is on you to make arrangements to get the vehicle to a club meeting. November and December Club Nights are set aside for historic rego nights and are the preferred method for getting organised! Other than this members can make appointments with MCSA historic rego inspectors that are mutually convenient.



Code of practice for historic vehicles and prescribed left-hand drive vehicles (PDF)
Conditional registration of historic vehicles and prescribed left hand drive vehicles (PDF)