Rocker Cover Racing

Rocker Cover Racing Rules (Supplementary Regulations)

1: This is a fun event. Any person found to be taking it too seriously will be soundly flogged.
2: Any constructor who enters a protest will be automatically disqualified. Oh, that’s a bit harsh. Okay, they’ll be given a stern talking to, asked to smile more and lighten up a bit.
3: Cars (that’s the rocker cover racing variety, not the real things) must be recognisably from a Mini or A-series engine.
3a: A special class will be established for owners of rocker cover racers, constructed from the rocker cover from a new (BMW) MINI. 
4: Cars must retain at least 75% of the original rocker cover.
5: Cars must not have any form of mechanical propulsion or steering.
6: Cars must weigh no more than 4 kg.
7: Cars must not be wider than 200mm
8: Cars must not be longer, with all fixtures, than 500mm
9: While the judges’ decision is final, all bribes will be gratefully accepted.
10: Sponsorship logos, racing stickers and car names are all encouraged.
11: Constructors wishing to wear racing clothes, fireproof overalls, helmets, etc., do so at their own risk of being laughed at.

12: Downforce wings, spoilers, air dams, etc., are all permitted provided they come within the nominated maximum dimensions of the car. They probably won’t do any good, but we will all get a good chuckle out of them.
13: There is no rule 13. (Superstitious, who me?)

14: Cars must have a bumper bar, or external rigid spoiler or fixture, the full width of the car, no more than 40mm above the track and protruding no more than 3cm from the front of the car. This is for starting and timing purposes.

15: There are no more rules.

So get cracking, but above all, have fun! Image may contain: 2 people